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Packing unnecessary toiletries while traveling, only adds weight to your luggage. If you want to have a light and stress-free traveling where you have everything at a glance, then the i'mblu Toiletry Bag L is all you need. Despite being a minimalist toiletry bag, i'mblu sufficiently fulfills all your needs without taking up extra space, money, or weight. Learn more about this amazing toiletry bag and how to pack it like a pro.

i'mblu Toiletry Bag L –What's In It For You?

Stylish Appearance

Minimalist packers are always on the hunt for stylish minimal bags but rarely find any. So to give them a classic toiletry bag that suits their personality and complements their choice, we came up with the i'mblu Toiletry Bag L.

Not only is it decent, but also quite attractive. Its exterior alone highlights its sturdy build that you don't even have to touch it to ensure that. You can even carry them separately if not in your luggage without getting weird eyes by passersby.

Sufficient Holding Capacity

Made with the idea of minimalist packing, this travel organizer has four compartments, featuring mesh pockets, detachable bags and zippered.

The first compartment features zippers for wet items in which you can put your wet toothbrush right after use without waiting for it to get dry. Fear it may damage the lining? Well, like the exterior, the inner lining is also waterproof so no more worrying about liquid spills or splashes.

The second compartment features multiple mesh pockets for various-sized toiletries like a moisturizer, sunscreen, comb, and face wash, etc. The next one features a removable PVC bag with the largest capacity. It can house full-sized shampoos, body wash, deodorants, etc. The great thing is that this detachable bag is TSA-approved and can be taken on flights.

The fourth compartment is another removable PVC bag for smaller items like make-up accessories or medicines. If you are heading on a short trip with only a few toiletries, then you may go fine without this bag. So you are free to use it based on your need.

Built-In Hook

The bag has a reliable hook that you can use to hang the bag on a handle, knob, nail, or even in the closet. It can easily support the whole weight without coming apart. It is quite helpful for small bathrooms that do not have enough counter space. You can hang it around and easily access all of your toiletries without messing up the whole arrangement.

Easy Cleaning and Packability

With Tyvek as a building material, this bag is super easy to maintain. It remains dry and smell-free. Its dirt-resistant exterior and interior do not let dirt sit on it, keeping it clean and new-looking even in the roughest road trips.

If you are dubious about its packability, then don't be because, despite its large holding capacity, the bag is super compact and can easily fit into your luggage.

Durability and Lightweight

To save you from the trouble of looking for a 'more durable' toiletry bag after every trip, we have made this one the 'most durable'. The secret behind this major achievement is DuPont™ Tyvek.
Tyvek is an extraordinarily durable and lightweight material that proved the best for the bag, making it accompany you over countless trips without slight wear and tear. Its low weight makes it super convenient, cutting off any extra weight associated with other thick heavy materials.

Moreover, it is breathable, waterproof, bacteria-proof, and even resistant to mites. All these features add to the durability of the product, making it last longer than most expensive bags in the market. Another reason to dump those plastic bags for Tyvek is its eco-friendliness. It is recyclable and does not add to the alarmingly massive pile of pollution.

How to Pack a Minimalist Toiletry Bag?

Here are some effective tips for packing your minimalist toiletry bag like a pro.

Go For a Hanging Toiletry Bag

Hanging toiletry bags are the best for minimalist packers. They keep things more organized and accessible. You can easily hang them on a hook or a handle, unlike hook-less bags that require considerable counter space.

Reduce Your Toiletries

You cannot travel with your complete bathroom, thereby, reduce your requirement of toiletries when traveling. For example, if you follow a nine-item based night routine, reduce it to two to three items. In this way, you can pack something for almost everything. Also, avoid packing extra stuff and try to keep the necessary ones only.

Use Travel-Sized Containers

Instead of packing large bottles and tubes, it is better to go with small, travel-sized containers that hold enough products without taking up much space. They also help you to limit your usage and avoid taking extras. For instance, carry a small shampoo bottle for a 15-day trip rather than a full-sized shampoo for 'just in case'.

Purchase from Your Destination

We'd recommend you to buy your toiletries like toothpaste and toothbrush from your destination instead of carrying them along. But if there is something particular that you may not find there or cannot risk it, then do not leave it. Moreover, it may not be feasible on a road trip to a desert or mountains.

Get a TSA-Approved Bag

When traveling via plane, it is important to have a TSA-approved bag for easy scanning and security checks. Also, make sure your liquid containers are not larger than 100 ml. each because that's the standard limit. You can utilize old bottles or buy a new kit of the size.

Sum Up

Packing minimal isn't easy. There are a lot of essential products we regularly use that it gets tough to decide which one to keep or not. Therefore, start packing early so that you can give it due time. However, for the best minimalist travel organizer, check out our i'mblu Toiletry Bag L. We thrive to offer superior-quality toiletry bags for minimalists and travelers. You can join our Instagram @imblu.official and become a part of our community for more products and updates. If you have any questions, please contact us without any hesitation.

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